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FACEBOOK: How Can I View All My Own Posts?

Posted by kristobaldude on January 9, 2011

Facebook QuestionDate: 01/09/11

[NOTE:  A search for “How Can I View All My Own Posts?” on Google yields mostly results such as “How to keep my friends from viewing my posts”, which is obviously not the same, and therefore yields answers one might classify as less-than-helpful.  Therefore, I am bloggin today about this issue.

Beacuase most of the “How do I ask Facebook a question that isn’t already included in the FAQ” type links cannot be found in the newest Facebook incarnation (c. December 2010), I used this link:


to submit my issue to Facebook.  Here is the content of my submission:

How can I View All My Own Posts As One Feed?  There used to be a link but it doesn’t work anymore.  Without this option, to manually find all things that I have posted (statuses, notes, discussions, etc …) would take weeks or even months – I know because I tried it in 2008, and as a person with a full-time job, it took me over 2 months to “gather” and print all my posts.  THIS NEEDS TO BE A FUNCTION IN FACEBOOK, otherwise the task would become too unweildy.

I am guessing that Facebook programmers either moved the location of this function, or overlooked it’s inclusion in the new version.  The third option would be that Facebook DELIBERATELY didn’t include that ability, but that simply makes no sense.  Therefore, if the function exists, but has moved, please advise me on it’s new location and how one can implement it, or if it has been left out, please put it back in … As a programmer, I’m sure all that would be required is to run a SQL query that gathers all items tagged with “created by this user”, or something similar, which is automatically generated whenever the user posts anything on their profile.  Then buffer it in php script and output it as one feed – voila – done!  End of problem.

This feature could be made more useful even by the addition of these features which have never been available in Facebook to my knowledge, in conjunction with the “View All My Posts” function I am describing:

1) Print All button – Format all entries returned for printing and then print.

2) My Posts on MY PROFILE vs. My Posts on OTHERS’ PROFILES – Another tag can be used with a slightly modified SQL query to Allow choosing between posts by you on your profile, and posts by you on other people’s profiles.

3) Print Photos & Comments – Use a checkbox system to let users pick what photos they want to print and the picture will be formatted for printing, along with all the comment thread underneathe the photo

These last 3 are just additional modifications that could be added for greater user friendliness and satisfaction.

Thank you for your time!


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Posted by kristobaldude on December 16, 2010

Facebook ProblemFacebook is gone! (3:21 PM CST) … I tried logging into facebook on both firefox and IE7 and all I get is a blank page! Google didn’t have any relevant results from today, hence this short post. It really made me wonder though: HAS FACEBOOK REPLACED OUR NORMAL MEANS OF COMMUNICATION and WHAT DO WE DO WHEN FACEBOOK GOES DOWN? Sure, we can post on other sites like Twitter, and Reddit, or even WordPress … but, We know if we want instant response and connectivity to our loved ones, friends, and those most important in our inner circle, that facebook is the place to post. Has Facebook, (for better or for worse) engendered a complete paradigm shiftin communication for our generation.

Facebook - You're Doing It Wrong

Facebook - You're Doing It Wrong

What other alternatives for total connectivity are there? Should we even have total connectivity? These are all questions that one is forced to ask, in our current era of literally “instant” communication.


P.S: Let us know if you have experienced or are currently experiencing this problem!

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Posted by kristobaldude on December 7, 2010

Facebook Problem(12/08/10) – UPDATE: As of today, I am no longer experiencing problems posting.  There was no explanation of the bug, or what the solution was … it just started working.  I have been able to post to my page and to others’ personal pages to my heart’s content!!! 🙂

However, I am interested to know if anyone else is still having these problems?

Since switching to the new Facebook 3 days ago, I have been unable (try as I might), to post any new links directly on my wall, or anyone else’s wall … This really sucks!!!  A GOOGLE search came up with almost zero hits on answers to this problem, and I’ve had others tell me they’re experiencing the same thing, yet, again, a google search is only showing very few complaints on this issue …  WHICH IS WHY i CREATED THIS POST!

These are the links I tried to post this morning (about 3 days ago):





, all to no avail.

There are two aspects to this problem:

1)  This only seems to be occuring with people who have switched to newest version of Facebook, released less than a week ago (today is Dec 7, 2010).  So, those who haven’t switched yet, don’t seem to be experiencing these problems. ON THE OTHER HAND … There is no way to SWITCH BACK TO THE OLD VERSION OF FACEBOOK.  I have been trying for 3 days to post, all to no avail.

2)  The only link posts that have worked for me are posts directly from a “share” or “facebook” button, on a given site.

I hope FACEBOOK comes up with a solution to this soon!!!

Also, I’d love to hear from anyone else having these same problems … and if you come up with a good solution, please share here as well! 🙂

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SOLVED! NEW FACEBOOK PROBLEMS: Can’t create band page!!!

Posted by kristobaldude on December 6, 2010

Facebook Problem
[UPDATE: RE: Band Pages - I was successfully able to create a band page this morning (12/06/10, c. 11:30 AM cst), so the bug has apparently been fixed! Kudos to Root Music and Facebook for the quick turnaround time!!!]
HOWEVER … The problem with posting links still persists  😦
(NOTE:  I have posted a new blog entry dedicated to this issue over here)

Frustrated … New Facebook won’t let me create a band page.

Here is the error I get when trying to post a band page:

Sorry, something went wrong.

We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

… hmm, well that tells me a lot

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Posted by kristobaldude on September 22, 2010

Facebook Problem(NOTE: Originally posted 2010.09.22, 2:00 PM)

I can’t get facebook to work for me today for some reason. Facts: Can access all other sites, the internet in general is working fine, but on two separate computers (same router), facebook errors out when I try to login to my account.



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