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Research Headstart: Links for Bible, Leviticus & Homosexuality

Posted by kristobaldude on April 7, 2014

Hodgepodge: A mixtures of links about different thingshttp://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/hiring













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Pens for Bibles « Soul deSaenz

Posted by kristobaldude on August 8, 2012

This has been a very popular and helpful post to many, so I thought I would give it it’s own page.

Writing in your Bible is something that many people do but few do it judiciously. Many people only mark their Bible according to what they hear from the weekly sermon and after a while they underline or highlight everything making the actual process of marking your Bible pointless. There are many people that do not make any additional marks in their Bible and some even consider it heresy. I believe that if done properly marking in your Bible can be a very useful way to better understand the Word of God.

Wide margin Bibles were made for just such a purpose. They have a wider margin than most Bibles and are usually printed on thicker paper to avoid any bleed through when using pens or highlighters. Even though you don’t have a wide margin Bible you can still underline and make small notes in whatever Bible you own.

So now that you want to write in your Bible, what to use? … (Read more here)

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Posted by kristobaldude on May 10, 2010

JOHN 14 – “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” *

Eric Hepperle

May 9, 2010

(Religion: Protestant Christian Theology)

Brooks, minus shirt …

Today I attended KAIO church in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  The services were nothing like what one can expect to find in any other regular Sunday church session in the local area.  Pastor Brooks Hanes, dressed in blue jeans, a button down shirt and wearing several  bracelets at first glance appears more like a mix of frat-boy and surfer-dude than a man of God.  For those that find church sermons dull and boring, this only adds to Pastor Brooks’ seductive ability to present Biblical lessons in a light-hearted and entertaining, yet educational manner.

Today’s service focused on the book of John, chapter 14.  Verse 15 sums up one focus of this chapter;  Jesus said: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”  Jesus, knowing he was going to die, told his disciples that even after he was dead he would still always be there for them.  In this way, Jesus fulfilled the role of a mother, being the one his disciples turned to for guidance, support, and encouragement in times of confusion and troubles.  Jesus also asked his followers to continue to do good works and to follow his example: “…whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do”(John 14:12).  He admonishes them to believe he is God and to love other the way that Jesus has loved the least among them.

Overall, a great sermon for Mother’s Day, which covered characteristics of all moms including guidance, support, and unconditional love which Jesus died on the cross for and thereby paid for the sins of all mankind.

* NOTE:  All verses from The Holy Bible: English Standard Version 


Contact Info: KAIO Church815 Orchard DrCedar Falls, IA 50613 (map)

  • Pastor Brooks Hanes




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