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Posted by kristobaldude on December 7, 2010

Facebook Problem(12/08/10) – UPDATE: As of today, I am no longer experiencing problems posting.  There was no explanation of the bug, or what the solution was … it just started working.  I have been able to post to my page and to others’ personal pages to my heart’s content!!! 🙂

However, I am interested to know if anyone else is still having these problems?

Since switching to the new Facebook 3 days ago, I have been unable (try as I might), to post any new links directly on my wall, or anyone else’s wall … This really sucks!!!  A GOOGLE search came up with almost zero hits on answers to this problem, and I’ve had others tell me they’re experiencing the same thing, yet, again, a google search is only showing very few complaints on this issue …  WHICH IS WHY i CREATED THIS POST!

These are the links I tried to post this morning (about 3 days ago):





, all to no avail.

There are two aspects to this problem:

1)  This only seems to be occuring with people who have switched to newest version of Facebook, released less than a week ago (today is Dec 7, 2010).  So, those who haven’t switched yet, don’t seem to be experiencing these problems. ON THE OTHER HAND … There is no way to SWITCH BACK TO THE OLD VERSION OF FACEBOOK.  I have been trying for 3 days to post, all to no avail.

2)  The only link posts that have worked for me are posts directly from a “share” or “facebook” button, on a given site.

I hope FACEBOOK comes up with a solution to this soon!!!

Also, I’d love to hear from anyone else having these same problems … and if you come up with a good solution, please share here as well! 🙂


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SOLVED! NEW FACEBOOK PROBLEMS: Can’t create band page!!!

Posted by kristobaldude on December 6, 2010

Facebook Problem
[UPDATE: RE: Band Pages - I was successfully able to create a band page this morning (12/06/10, c. 11:30 AM cst), so the bug has apparently been fixed! Kudos to Root Music and Facebook for the quick turnaround time!!!]
HOWEVER … The problem with posting links still persists  😦
(NOTE:  I have posted a new blog entry dedicated to this issue over here)

Frustrated … New Facebook won’t let me create a band page.

Here is the error I get when trying to post a band page:

Sorry, something went wrong.

We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

… hmm, well that tells me a lot

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SOLVED! How to Invite All Facebook Friends To An Event?

Posted by kristobaldude on July 14, 2010

Facebook QuestionHere is the magic snippet of code that makes this possible:

javascript:elms=document.getElementById(‘friends’).getElementsByTagName(‘li’);for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === ‘object’){fs.click(elms[fid]);}}


Go to your event/group/page, click invite people and then paste this snippet in the URL field of your browser.
Left-click the mouse in the URL field and hit Enter. Your invitations will not be sent yet, but all your friends will be selected. Click the “Invite” or “Send” button on the Facebook page to finally send the invites.

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SOLVED! All My Firefox Toolbars Are Gone, Disappeared, Missing! (Menu, View, File, Navigation, Bookmarks)!

Posted by kristobaldude on July 13, 2010

Firefox Toolbars Missing

Firefox Toolbars Missing


Can’t see the Menu Bar (File, Edit, View, History…Help)? Hold down the {ALT} key ({Cmd} key in OSX) and press the following letters in this exact order: V T M
The Menu Bar should now be displayed permanently, unless you turn it off again (View > Toolbars). Turning the Menu Bar on and off is a new feature in version 3.6.

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SOLVED! Why Is Video Too Fast After Converting 3g2 to AVI ???

Posted by kristobaldude on July 12, 2010


Try finding a parameter named “fps” or “frames pr second”, in the program you are using for the conversion from 3gp to whatever.
When converting files from my cell phone, this must be set to 12.

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  I’m using SUPER to convert a 3GP video from my Samsung cell phone to a standard avi – the above fix doesn’t seem to do the trick, though it worked in the past – Will need to do more research, but I am leaving this post up in case it helps somebody]

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SOLVED! Dreamweaver CS3 ColdFusion “preview in browser” not working or broken (Windows)!

Posted by kristobaldude on June 12, 2010



Dreamweaver CS3 “preview in browser” not working!

I found this solution after much research – it is a cached Google post and the original site doesn’t seem to exist anymore:

Apr 20 2010 RE: cannot test to IE or Firefox using Dreamweaver 8 html or cf sites
Posted By: Randy

I realize that the original post is very old, but I too had a similar problem that was really giving me fits. I finally figured out the solution. It seems that for some reason ColdFusion shuts down unexpectedly from time to time. No rhyme or reason for it. My solution was to go restart ColdFusion. Here are the steps to do that in Win XP. Goto Control Panel Open Administrative Tools Open Services Select the ColdFusion Application Either click on the Start the service or right click and select “Start”. Should work like a charm. At least it did for me. I have no idea why ColdFusion service keeps stopping though. This has been plaguing me for months now. I kept searching for a solution and kept coming back to this post. Thought others might be doing the same thing. 

Source:  http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:BHXVMkYIU_MJ:www.seattlecfug.com/forum/code-help/2742+Firefox+can’t+establish+a+connection+to+the+server+at+localhost:8500&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

SOLUTION: Restarted failed Main ColdFusion service.

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Solved: How To Remove Sticker Residue From Suede!

Posted by kristobaldude on June 5, 2010

If you’re like me and you’ve discovered this page, then you may have been having a heck of a time trying to remove sticker residue from suede clothing.  Never, fear … I have the solution:  Rub it with a pencil eraser until it comes off!  Yep, It’s that simple!  I probably wouldn’t use the pink eraser on the end of a wood pencil … rather, I’d recommend to use one of those white rectangular ones that looks about the size of a pack of gum.

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Solved: WORD 2007 (red underlined text)

Posted by kristobaldude on June 5, 2010

Red underlined text means "Track Changes" is on.

Red underlined text means "Track Changes" is on.

“You appear to have “Track Changes” on.

point the mouse at each occurence in red +underline and click the right mouse button.
You should see menu choices Accept insertion & Reject insertion.

by clicking on Accept insertion, you will see the text revert to normal type.

I am not sure where the menu option is for turning off “track changes ” but in the older versions it was Tools, Track changes – its a toggle switch.
The keyboard shortcut for switching it on or off in older versions is

Hold the Ctrl + Shift keys down on your keyboard.
Whilst the keys are held down, press the letter “e”down once
Then release the Ctrl +Shift keys


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