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define your words (day 87 of 100)

Posted by kristobaldude on February 4, 2014

and zee topic is...

How do we decide what a word means?

If every person creates different definitions based on their individual experiences and what they allow others to tell / show them is truth – how do I know if a word has the same meaning between me and you?

You think of a word, let’s call this word love and perhaps many images pop in your head of what love is or what love isn’t.

My pictures may be different from yours (more likely) or may be similar but how would we ever know what we think love is unless we discovered and discussed each other’s images. And if we did get involved in that conversation – would we be able to accurately describe the images we see in our minds? Sometimes images can be entire worlds making it a difficult task to paint the picture using words.

Do you decide to believe a…

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