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Research Headstart: Feng Shui, Feng Shui in Small Apartments

Posted by kristobaldude on December 11, 2012

logo: Reasearch Headstart

Research Headstart: Feng Shui, Feng Shui in Small Apartments

logo: Feng Shui

feng shui hogar

I created the “Reasearch Headstart” feature to hopefully save you some time on certain research topics. Unfortunately, I’m just one person and don’t always have the resources to write all the articles I want to. Some of these future possible articles I’ve already done the research for, however.

feng shui bagua compass

That’s where Research Headstart comes in. Each post in this series represents at least one hour or more of time spent researching culling and gleaning to weed out less useful articles from the premium information. Thus, by taking 5 minutes to review the links I’ve provided for you, you theoretically will have an extra free hour (or more) to do other things that are important to you. I hope the links I provide will offer you the headstart you need to find information, answer a burning question, or write a great article. A mention of this post as a source is appreciated.

feng shui floorplan

– Kristobalude (12/11/12)


  1. Top Ten Feng Shui Tips from Elizabeth Chamberlain (YouTube)
  2. Feng Shui in a Studio or Bachelor Apartment – How To Apply Feng Shui in a Small Apartment (About.com)
  3. Feng Shui Tips for Clutter Clearing – Use Feng Shui for Better Energy (About.com)
  4. What is Space Clearing? (About.com)
  5. How To Feng Shui Your Home Office – 6 basic feng shui tips to create a good feng shui home office (About.com)
  6. Free Feng Shui Video Tips for a Better Home (About.com)
  7. How Do I Take the Feng Shui Compass Reading in an Apartment Building? (About.com)
  8. How To Define Your Feng Shui BAGUA Video and Tips (About.com)
  9. Feng Shui Palace | feng shui 101 | elements (FengShuiPalace.com)


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  4. http://www.fengshuimall.com/feng-shui-bagua
  5. http://cocreatingourreality.com/group/manifestingfengshui
  6. http://www.extraordinary4life.com/feng-shui.htm
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  10. http://www.chimachine4u.com/soqi-news6.html
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  12. http://feelgoodinyourspace.com/2012/01/17/2012-the-year-of-the-dragon/


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  11. http://openspacesfengshui.com/feng-shui-tips/2010/01/feng-shui-bagua-map/


  1. http://www.kenlauher.com/feng-shui-tips/bid/33461/Feng-Shui-Floor-Plan-How-The-Floor-Plan-of-Your-Home-Could-Be-Holding-You-Back
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  8. http://www.feng-shui-institute.org/fengshuiscience.htm
  9. http://www.youtube.com/heartcompass
  10. http://www.fengshui-spastlucia.com/


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  2. http://fengshuils.com/feng-shui-tips/feng-shui-bagua/
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  1. http://feng-shui.lovetoknow.com/Bagua_Map_for_Each_Room
  2. http://www.fengshuidana.com/2012/03/29/feng-shui-qa-what-is-the-right-way-to-use-the-bagua-map/

4 Responses to “Research Headstart: Feng Shui, Feng Shui in Small Apartments”

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  3. Best Designs Renovations Painting Department, helping you improve the value and look of your home or place of business with our custom painting services…

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    • kristobaldude said

      I’m approving this comment because on their site they offer a neat tool for seeing what different paint colors will look like in your space. I haven’t tried it myself — If anyone wants to be the guinea pig and let us know how it turns out, you can reply to this comment.

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