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What to do with shirataki noodles

Posted by kristobaldude on October 28, 2012

I do not recommend for or against these noodles because I don’t know enough about them, however they are new to my world of nutrition knowledge so I’m sharing this article in case others may find this information helpful on their healing/wellness journey 🙂

The Not Big Anymore, Formerly Fat Guy

凉米线 Rice Noodles with Cold Spicy Garlic Sauce ...

Shiratiki noodles are a traditional Japanese food  made from a yam, and are enjoying a new popularity here because they’re not actually digestible, so they have no calories, no carbs, and are gluten free.  The same product, ground and put into capsules, is sold as glucomannan where it its ability to expand quite a bit in your stomach helps somewhat with hunger pangs between meals.

You may have tried to use them as regular pasta and been pretty underwhelmed;  straight out of the bag they are gelatinous and the water they’re packed in smells like fish water — and they’re not very good in tomato sauce, for whatever reason.  But once you drain them and add them to a Japanese stir fry, they’re not bad at all, and pass very well for regular noodles without any caloric or carb load at all.

Just cut up some oriental vegetables, whatever…

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  1. eof737 said

    Looks delicious. 😉

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