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Jumping Head First

Posted by kristobaldude on October 28, 2012

I Started With Lemons

Day 1 is coming to a close.  I’m sipping on some warm water, enjoying some light music, and finishing up some work before dozing off.

Hunger wasn’t an issue much today.  I got up to walk around the kitchen and did a food inventory twice.  I’m eyeing my box of senna tea in anticipation for bed.

I made another Master Cleanse related goal today.  After I’ve completed the 12 day cleanse I’ll compile a PDF with my routine and tips for others to follow.  It’s true, there are a lot websites out there with information about the cleanse.  Some have good info, some have next to none, some want you to pay.  Yuck.  Where’s the succinct info without all the malarkey?  I’ve completed the MC a half dozen times or so previously and have tailored the “diet” to my needs.  My deviations are only minor and some of the tips…

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