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Why Use A Property Management Company: Bad Tenants | National Property Management Group

Posted by kristobaldude on September 14, 2012


Why Use A Property Management Company: Bad Tenants

If you’ve recently found yourself as a newly minted landlord you might be tempted to go it alone. Particularly if you have a lovely property in a highly sought after neighborhood or area. How hard could it be to find a responsible tenant when you would only consider renting to someone who can afford your property?


tenants property management1 Why Use A Property Management Company: Bad TenantsProperty management companies can handle bad tenants.


Unfortunately, bad tenants are at every income level. Just because your property is on the higher end of location and luxuries doesn’t mean your tenant will be of the same quality. This is another really good reason to consider a property management company.


A property management company will carefully screen each applicant and will have the resources to run thorough background checks including criminal, social security and credit. They have the time and experience to question references as well as past and current employers and landlords. A property management company also ensures compliance with all fair housing rules and regulations and will have industry accepted standards for accepting or declining applicants. In other words, a property management company will protect you as the property owner from both undesirable tenants and any lawsuits that might come from a botched application.


Even after careful screening, glowing reviews and a positive history there will still be occasions when a bad apple gets through. As a homeowner turned landlord what are you prepared (and legally allowed) to do if your new tenant becomes a loud music loving, party throwing, car in the front yard nightmare? Chances that a tenant will turn sour are slimmer for higher end rental properties but it does happen. And existing laws limit what a landlord can do to remove them.


The law will tell you what you can and can’t do in your state to get rid of them. Just about every state prohibits what’s known as a “self-help eviction,” says Boston-based attorney Peter Brooks, who specializes in landlord-tenant law.

“You can’t go throw them out, lock them out or threaten them …

(Read more here: Why Use A Property Management Company: Bad Tenants | National Property Management Group).


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