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Coleman – How to use and clean Xtreme™ Coolers

Posted by kristobaldude on August 21, 2012

Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme® 5 Cooler (5 day)

Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme® 5 Cooler (5 day)

Coleman – How to use and clean Xtreme™ Coolers.

How to use and clean

Xtreme Cooler Performance Guidlines
To achieve five-day performance in your new Xtreme cooler you must use it properly. Use plenty of ice and pre-chill items before you put them in the cooler. The following guidelines will allow you to achieve extreme performance.

37.5 lbs. for the 50 qt wheeled ice chest (model 6263-707)
43.5 lbs. for the 58 qt ice chest (model 6273-707)
27 lbs. for the 36 qt wheeled ice chest (model 6251-707)
Coleman recommends using .75 lbs. of ice per rated quart of the coolant. We highly recommend using cubed ice.

For best performance, always pre-chill food and drinks.
Two six packs or one gallon (3.7L) of liquid will use approximately 2.5 lbs. (1.13kg) of ice just to cool from room temperature. So plan ahead and cool off everything before you head out. You can even empty a few trays of ice into the cooler to pre-chill its interior.

Put the ice in last
Cold air travels down, so if you want your beverage well chilled, load cans and bottles first, then cover with ice.

Do not store cooler in hot location.
When storing cooler, avoid hot places such as the garage or the trunk of a car. If this is unavoidable, bring the cooler inside at least 24 hours before use.

Keep cooler out of the sun.
Ice lasts up to twice as long when the cooler is in the shade.

Choose cube or block ice.
Use cube ice to quickly cool food and drink, block ice to keep it cold longer.

Don’t drain cold water.
Recently melted ice keeps food and drinks cold. Melted ice water preserves ice better than empty air space.

Close lid quickly after opening.
Do not leave the lid open longer than necessary.

Use separate coolers.
Use one for beverages you’ll want frequently, another for the bulk of the food. The latter will keep ice longer because it will be open less frequently.

Protect perishable foods.
Place perishable foods like meat and dairy products directly on ice. Sealed plastic containers will keep food dry.

Use dry ice to keep food frozen.
Place the dry ice on top of the food. Be sure that the dry ice is wrapped in heavy layers of newspaper. Do not let dry ice come in direct contact with the interior liner or your hands.

Cleaning Your Cooler

Clean the inside and outside
Clean the inside with a solution of mild soap and warm water, especially before first use. To remove tough stains, use baking soda and water to clean the inside.

Remove odors with a diluted solution of chlorine bleach and water.
If odor persists, wipe the interior with a cloth saturated with vanilla extract, then leave the cloth in the cooler overnight.

Always air-dry the cooler with the lid open before storing.


2 Responses to “Coleman – How to use and clean Xtreme™ Coolers”

  1. As an alternative to bleach for musty smells, use lemon juice or vanilla extract to wipe the inside of the ice chest. That is a better smell than ammonia, bleach, or vinegar. The last step of letting it air dry is the tough one. Usually you leave it to dry and forget it, then dirt and bugs get it dirty again. So when you are ready to use it, you have to clean it again! There is now an amazing solution. Hang your clean cooler on a NOMUSTI rack. Its patented design stores the ice chest upside down with the lid open to prevent mold, mildew, and musty smells and storing it up and out of the way where the cooler cannot get broken or get dirty again. The Original Cooler Keeper fit all brands and sizes of ice chests and ensures your ice chest is ready for your next outdoor adventure. Read more at http://www.nomusti.com or go directly to the store at http://astore.amazon.com/nomusti-20.

    • kristobaldude said

      Thanks for the comment. Normally I would mark something like this as spam, however in this case I think you have a unique product that might prove useful to some so I’ll allow it. Also, thanks for the tip about lemon juice and vanilla extract, though I’d think you might not want to be putting citric acid on your seals, but it should be ok for cleaning the inside cooler surfaces.

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