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Why Is Comodo Blocking Localhost ( or … Can’t Open ColdFusion Administrator in Opera or Internet Explorer 7, or … Can Ping Localhost, But Can’t Browse, But Can Browse All Other Sites Fine!

Posted by kristobaldude on July 29, 2012

Comodo AntiVirus

Comodo AntiVirus

Below are some resources I found when searching for answers and solutions for the issue of “Why is Comodo blocking localhost?”. I didn’t have time to write up a complete article, but I wanted to get the links posted so that hopefully it will save anyone else searching on this topic at least a little bit of time. If you found this post useful, please let me know in the comments below!








IIS on Windows XP (and Windows 2000) uses COM+, and if COM+ is tanking, then

IIS is not going to be able to do everything it’s supposed to.


Hosting your webserver on port 80 doesn’t work at times. Try changing the port on you webserver and it should work …Thank you! That worked!  By changing the port to port 81, and then using http://my_public_ip:access_port I was able to gain access.


Is the firewall blocking telnet? Is the telnet service running on the

remote machine?


Shaun, I solved my problem. It was Symantec Personal Firewall: although disabled, it blocked ICMP (so any pinging – even the loopback – timeouted), https, file sharing was blocked… I removed it completely (add/remove programs could not do it, Symantec deinstal neither. Only after deleting all Symantec local-machine registry keys with regedit I was able do remove the “stuck” firewall and reinstal it.) Everything works now. I suggest you check any installed firewall on your XP (check also the built-in XP firewall).


Cannot View Page When You Use a FILE:// URL


IE7 Can't Connect To Localhost Opera Can't Connect to Locahost
IE7 Can’t Connect To Localhost Opera Can’t Connect to Locahost


Maybe it has something to do with the “hosts” file? When I set up MySQL originally, the tutorial did not say “make sure you have a static ip”, although that may have been assumed. I had a dynamic ip at the time, so perhaps localhost is defined in the host table as whatever my ip was when I installed MySQL, in which case, since I now have a static ip, a solution might be to edit the hosts file to read the current static ip value.

Also, another thing to consider is that there is a known issue that if you have Skype running in the taskbar before you start up WAMP server, for instance, you will not be able to execute PHP code in your IDE (integrated development environment) because for some reason it prevents Apache server from fully starting.  Perhaps this problem discussed in this post shares a similar solution?  If anyone comes up with the solution to this one please post it in the comments below and let me know what worked for you!

Peace & Blessings! 🙂



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