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You'll take my Big Gulp when you pry my cold, fat fingers from around it!

Posted by kristobaldude on June 6, 2012


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been in the news lately for a proposed ban on large sugary drinks. Goodbye Big Gulps, Venti Mochas and 2 litres with a straw. According to a poll taken over the weekend over half of New Yorkers oppose the ban.

Personally, I find it disheartening that 42% say this is a good idea simply because they think it will help people lose weight. I’m all for losing weight and being healthy, but I’m not convinced that government-mandated limits will be all that effective.

Nor am I convinced this will be the key to wide-spread weight loss. It doesn’t stop refills, double buying, or the real culprits in the “war on obesity.”

And then there’s the “nanny-state” thing.

At any rate, at least New Yorkers will still have their big pizzas, big hot dogs, big subs, big steaks and big cheese cakes. Fellow…

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