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Arriving in Panama City

Posted by kristobaldude on September 5, 2011

Someone's Beverly Hillbillies car

Someone's Beverly Hillbillies car


Well, I made it to Panama City Beach yesterday!  About halfway through Alabama torrential rain made the traveling require a slower driving speed of around 44MPH.  I had maintained a speed of 55MPH from Indiana as that was about the safest I could drive with all my things strapped onto my roof like the Beverly Hillbillies! 😉

At almost exactly 2PM CST I arrived in Panama City Beach.  The last call I was able to make when i got to town was to Frank at Surfside Storage, who never answered, then my phone died.  Luckily I was near a mall with lots of stores, but believe it or not, I could not find an outlet to plug my phone in to charge it anywhere!  Not even in Starbucks!  In fact, I’m in a McDonalds in Panama City right now about 5 blocks from the Homeless Shelter and IT doesn’t even have a power outlet in any of it’s booths either!  I guess that keeps people from staying too long?

Also, interestingly enough, when I got to town yesterday my phone wouldn’t stay charged (NOTE TO SELF: look into switching to an iPhone), AND my TomTom Via GPS had just died.  What??? Yes!  I have only had my GPS about 3 weeks when it died on me!  Today is Labor Day and I will be taking the GPS back to Sam’s club.  I won’t be buying another one today.  I will have to do some very thorough research on GPS’s, like I usually do on anything electronic, before I buy another one!

Chase account is down to around $50.  So, if I take back my GPS that should but a safe amount of $120-ish back in my account.  Is there a Chase location near me now?

I need to do a location search and see who is open for Mini/Self Storage near the shelter, and also near work.  Laptop says I only have an hour or so left before battery dies.  Need to find a Starbucks.  Or Barnes & Noble.

Finally, I should note that there is a Tropical Storm that was battering the beach yesterday, resulting in high winds and rain, but it really wasn’t that bad.

Take care people!


One Response to “Arriving in Panama City”

  1. OH MY god!!!!!! YOU ARE ALIVE.

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