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SOLVED! NEW FACEBOOK PROBLEMS: Can’t create band page!!!

Posted by kristobaldude on December 6, 2010

Facebook Problem
[UPDATE: RE: Band Pages - I was successfully able to create a band page this morning (12/06/10, c. 11:30 AM cst), so the bug has apparently been fixed! Kudos to Root Music and Facebook for the quick turnaround time!!!]
HOWEVER … The problem with posting links still persists  😦
(NOTE:  I have posted a new blog entry dedicated to this issue over here)

Frustrated … New Facebook won’t let me create a band page.

Here is the error I get when trying to post a band page:

Sorry, something went wrong.

We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

… hmm, well that tells me a lot


5 Responses to “SOLVED! NEW FACEBOOK PROBLEMS: Can’t create band page!!!”

  1. Pilar said

    Hey there,

    We’ve noticed a bug with posting on the BandPage this weekend, and we’re hard at work fixing it. If you’re having trouble setting up a BandPage, shoot us an email at support@rootmusic.com and we’ll help you out.

    Thanks for using BandPage!

    • kristobaldude said


      Wow … thanks for the prompt response! I’m a programmer myself … can you offer any insight into what is causing the bug? Appreciate your help! 🙂

  2. Tony said

    I’m having the same inability to post links. I can post status, comment on other threads, and even post photos. But when I try to post a link nothing happens after I hit share.
    Anyone find a remedy to this?

  3. Not a sheep. said

    December 20th 2011.
    Same problem is back. Facebook is worth how much money?
    They make over a million dollars a day and have made a million per hour before.
    C’mon FB.. Fix this shit so us real business owners can make a fucking page.

    • kristobaldude said

      Thanks for your comment Not a sheep. My reply is for you and anyone else that is experiencing the same problems. In life the one constant ironically is change. I have come to see problems and changes to Facebook as having a greater overall message: Extract from Facebook as much as possible and ensure you have alternative solutions. This gets to the heart of the question “What do you rely on Facebook for?”

      Whether you use FB for sales/marketing/business purposes, online dating, event management, keeping up with friends, or writing editorials on topics you care about, your best bet is to find other alternatives and reduce your reliance on FB as much as possible. If you are like me you may find yourself *deeply embedded* in (or even addicted to) the virtual community created and fostered by Zuckerberg and Co. I recommend you ask yourself “How Many Hours A Day Do I Spend On Facebook and What Could I Be Doing With That Time To More Effectively Acchieve My Life’s Goals?”

      I my opinion, FB knows too much about all of us and they know they have us by the cajones and tetas and that we will just grumble and moan but there is nothing we can really do to hurt them when their changes hurt us. Anyone with access to our profiles can get our information to try to sell us stuff. On the other hand, those who use FB as a selling/marketing tool (including traditional businesses as well as bands and entertainers cultivating a personal brand) seem to be the new core target audience of Facebook so maybe more directed complaints from this audience will prove effective in 2012.

      In everything in life, you must make your own best judgment and decide accordingly. While this comment is not a true solution to the problem I originally addressed, neither is it a workaround or “band-aid” solution. This, like learning Martial Arts, doing Self Improvement, or becoming a vegetarian is more of a mental shift in how one thinks about things that will have ramifications that resonate in all areas of one’s life.

      I hope this response has been helpful, even if it has not provided a technical solution to your issue.

      Thanks for reading my blog and be blessed in the New Year!


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