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How To Lower Your Natural Gas (Energy) Bill In Winter.

Posted by kristobaldude on June 4, 2010

Lower Your Heating Bills!

Lower Your Heating Bills!

Reducing Home Heating Costs:

  1. Lowering thermostat by just one degree in winter can reduce heating energy costs by 4%Seal leaks and add proper insulation – Only 20% of homes built before 1980 are well insulated (ergo, most homes were not very well insulated before 1980 and perhaps still aren’t).

  3. Set programmable thermostat to 58 degrees at least 8 hrs a day (i.e.: while you are at work or sleeping)

  5. Close fireplace dampers to prevent warm air from escaping

  7. Bath and exhaust fans can suck out a houseful of warm air in only 1 hour! Turn off fans as soon after 15-20 minutes

  9. Open curtains on south-facing windows during the day

  11. Use trees strategically planted

  13. Change or clean furnace filters once a month during the heating season (fall-winter-spring).

  15. Use registers to direct warm airflow across the floor, since it will naturally rise and fill the room.

  17. Make sure your furnace receives a professional “tune-up” each year

  19. Installing storm windows, or plastic film over single pane windows can save $50 to $125 per year.

Source: Alliant Energy – Personal Energy Usuage Report for Winter 2008


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