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How to Delete Multiple Facebook Friends the Easy Way.

Posted by kristobaldude on May 20, 2010

Due to Facebook’s continuous changes and “improvements”, (as of 03/01/12)this method is no longer effective. Therefore, watch for an app I am designing that will give you the control to remove friends just by clicking a checkbox.Watch for this new project on my programming blog CodeSlayer2010

Facebook Questiongo to your profile page (not home page)
>click account (u will see edit friends)
>click edit friends
>click all connections (far left column under Facebook logo)
>then all ur friends come up with an X next to them. click the x to remove which friends you want. hope i’ve been of help 🙂


8 Responses to “How to Delete Multiple Facebook Friends the Easy Way.”

  1. Qin Lang said

    sudah tidak bekerja.. not work

    • kristobaldude said

      Thanks for your comment Qin … you are right – this method no longer works. I have updated the post to show that it is outdated and your comment has inspired me to create an app that will allow you to remove friends as you wish. Watch for it on my CodeSlayer2010 programming blog.

  2. Fred said

    Please notify me when your app is ready to remove multiple friends at once on Facebook.

    • kristobaldude said


      Actually if you are subscribed to my codeslayer2010 blog, you will be one of the first to be notified instantly by email when it is released.

      Thanks for your interest & support!


  3. Huynh Hieu said

    Thanks you, but don’t delete multi friends on list

    • kristobaldude said

      Thanks for your response. Yes, Facebook doesn’t currently allow EASY deleting of multiple friends. My buddies and I are developing a plugin that will do this… stay tuned and keep subscribed fro newest updates.

      • Are you any closer with your app for deleting multiple friends? I was up to about 4800 and then a couple of months ago, Facebook gave me (somehow) over 400 friends that put me well over the top of 5,000. Why did that happen, do you know? So frustrating…love to get your app to delete multiple friends, just don’t have the time to go searching to delete 1 friend at a time.

      • kristobaldude said

        Thanks for your comment stu … I know there is a real need in the Facebook community for this. Unfortunately I have had to put development on hold for personal reasons. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when I start working on it again!



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