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EXAMPLE: Compliment/Recommendation/Testimonial for Exemplary Customer Service.

Posted by kristobaldude on May 17, 2010

Customer Service

Customer Service

(NOTE:  I wrote this letter of commendation for a Mediacom representative in 2007.  I’m not saying this is a great letter, but knowing how hard it is to find decent recommendation letter exaples online FOR FREE, I am posting this so perhaps it can help a few of those folks gets some ideas to help write the perfect compliment/testimonial letter.

If you found this example helpful, please leave a comment! :))


To: [Representative’s Manager]


Dear Mr. [X],

You should hire more technicians like Jermaine!  I spoke with this gentleman recently (02/07/07), regarding a technical problem I was having with my network.  I told him I wanted to speak with someone who has a high level of network connectivity knowledge, mostly because I just wanted to get to the “meat of the matter” and not waste time speaking to underlings who then have to escalate the call higher and higher because they don’t know anything that’s not on their script.  As a customer engineer with Hewlett-Packard, I deal with all kinds of service and technical representatives on a daily basis.  They range in competence from the entirely incompetent, to the hard-to-communicate-with, to the passably courteous.  Jermaine does not fit into any of these categories.  To the contrary, he is one of those rare individuals who demonstrate EXEMPLARY CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Let me briefly detail what makes Jermaine someone who I will gladly spend my valuable time writing this email for (Please excuse any spelling mistakes as I am tired as I write this):

1)  COURTESY, PROFESSIONALISM, and a SUPERIOR SERVICE ATTITUDE:  When the first thing I said was that I wanted to talk to a highly technically competent network connectivity specialist, he didn’t falter.  He, in one breath gave me the option to speak with a supervisor, (but told me that he would have to find one for me), or if I liked he would be happy to try to help me.  I really appreciated that he gave me OPTIONS.  Customers like options!  I chose to give Jermaine a chance.

2) EMPATHY:  I talk to “script robots” every day in my job repairing and diagnosing computers for Fortune 500 companies.  These are the type of representives which, (unfortunately) are very ‘representative’ of the majority of phone support out there.  Script robots are telephone representatives who either follow a script, or a written troubleshooting list, but lack the ingenuity and adaptability to be able to think “outside the box” and answer questions that aren’t on their list.  They also are unmoved by your background information which is supposed to be able to help them to see things from your point of view.  Jermaine was definitely not a script robot.  I told Jermaine that I had some how and why questions and that I was looking for good technical explanations.  He immediately empathized with me and was able to put himself in my shoes, and because he appeared to care sincerely about helping me get my questions answered, I started to feel confident that Jermaine would do his best to help me!  One thing that turns many customers (including myself) off is somebody who reads a script, exhibits zero enthusiasm, and doesn’t really sound like they care about the customer’s problem.  Jermaine is a shining example of someone who knows this and I would not be surprised to find out he is responsible for saving your company lots of money by empathizing with irate customers, thereby keeping you from losing their business.

3) ABILITY TO DEAL WITH DIFFERENT CUSTOMER TYPES:  This is more crucial than many managers seem to realize.  And, unfortunately many service representatives are not taught how to deal with different customer types.  Some common customer types are: Complainers, Fearful, and False Know-It-All’s.  The Complainer type tends to whine and complain a lot.  They are best dealt with by empathizing, and then saying something like “I understand this must be causing you a lot of trouble.  Let me see what I can do to get you back up and running.” 

The Fearful type is someone usually with little technical understanding who is afraid to mess things up, and often has trouble understanding highly technical explanations.  This type can be treated similarly to the complainers, but you must realize that when the customer is clicking and typing, etc., they will periodically become afraid of doing something wrong and you then need to take a reassuring attitude with them.

Finally, the “False Know-It-All” is a customer who often speaks with a holier-than-thou tone, and knows a little more than the average person, but gets most of his information from his neighbor/friend, etc.  A good technician can easily identify this customer simply by the way he will state something that he knows “for a fact”, but that the trained technician recognizes as incorrect.  You cannot be blunt with this customer and tell him he doesn’t know what he is talking about.  This type must be dealt with very subtly.  You kind of have to lead him a long so he discovers for himself that he is wrong.  When he realizes he is wrong, his ego will be hurt so you must not say anything like “Remember, this is what I told you to do in the first place”, (This is very disrespectful and does not help you with the customer).

Jermaine easily identified my customer type — the Logical, Rational, Technical Customer.  This customer type is often the best to work with because a lot of the questions you have to ask a newbie can be safely bypassed when dealing with this customer.  The TECHNICAL customer will give you facts and background up front so that you know what level they are dealing from, and to give credibility for what they are about to tell you.  They will often tell you the exact details and circumstances of their problem up front, as well as detailing the exact resolution they are seeking.  Once you have identified this customer, it is best to deal as a fellow technician, because these people are often Engineers, Computer Specialists, Math Wizards, etc.  Since most customers possess only passing technical competence, it is often safest for the majority of customer types to be dealt with as such.  However, it is a grave mistake to treat the LOGICAL customer in this manner; more often than not you will only succeed in making him/her angry.  Technical customers get right to the point and don’t appreciate having their time wasted.  Jermaine demonstrated a strong grasp of the subtleties of this particular concept, resulting in his ability to deal with me on my level and provide the answers to my questions without wasting my time.  Jermaine answered my questions in less than 5 minutes!

4)  COMPETENCE:  This is a real interesting characteristic.  Congratulating a technician for being technically competent is like awarding someone for cleaning up after themselves, using manners, or watching their own kids; this is not going “above and beyond”, these are things YOU ARE JUST SUPPOSED TO DO!  Notwithstanding that, there is such a lack of competence in the technical support field these days that it is quite refreshing to speak with a technician like Jermaine, who demonstrated a high level of technical competence, yet did not feel the need to speak in a condescending manner (as is often the case with techs who are faced with the TECHNICAL customer type).

Jermaine is a rare jewel among telephone technical representatives!  Unfortunately, I have as recently as 2 months ago had several unsatisfactory interactions with your company (Mediacom)’s representatives, regarding a wide variety of technical & service issues.  Many of your representatives could learn a thing or two from his exemplary performance.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jermaine for a Service Excellence Award (your company probably has a similarly titled award) based on his embodiment of the 4 personality traits listed above.  These, once again, are: Superior service attitude, Empathy, Ability to deal with various customer types, and Technical competence.


[Your Name, etc.]


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  1. When I came across this article was like wow. Thanks for making your effort to create this article.

  2. Suze said

    This has really helped me a lot! thank you so much… I’d have been lost without this!

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    • kristobaldude said


      Thanks for your your comment. I’m glad you found this post useful and I would not mind if you “utilize a number” of my ideas, as long as you give proper credit, and please post a link back to this blog. Thanks for allowing me to educate and entertain you with my humble writings! 🙂

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