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HP Compaq Presario Constant Reboot After Installing XP SP3

Posted by kristobaldude on October 12, 2009

Yesterday I experienced a problem where my 2nd (SLAVE) SATA drive would only show as “unformatted’ in both Windows XP Disk Management and in Easus Partition Manager 4.0 Home. Subsequent googling revealed that a solution that has worked for that problem is to install any service pack for XP. I downloaded and installed XP SP3 Network, and installed if from my DVD drive. After the install, however, my computer got into a constant rebooting phase. I could boot into Safe Mode fine, but it would reboot after loading the Windows splash screen.

So, I googled the problem, and I found this article, by someone who experienced a similar issue:

Does your AMD-based computer boot after installing XP SP3?

Here are the important points to takeaway from this article:


  • This is a known issue that occurs (mostly) on HP or Compaq desktop PC’s running AMD processors. HP deploys same XP image to AMD PC’s as they do Intel PC’s.

  • The intelppm.sys driver is a driver for Intel Power Management, which is only unsed on Wintel machines, but is also installed on AMD machines.

  • Ordinarily, having intelppm.sys listed in the registry on an AMD-based computer appears to cause no problems, so long as the binary does not actually run.” (1)

  • HP laptops appear unaffected.

  • Driver intelppm.sys must both exist on the hard drive, and the registry has to be configured to load it to cause the stated problem.

  • HPs images have the registry key set but no driver on disk. When the service pack is installed the pre-existing directive in the registry is read, the installer lays down the driver on the disk, and on the next reboot it launches, causing the crash.” (1)


  1. Boot into Safe Mode.

  2. Click on “Run” in the Start Menu.

  3. Type “sc config intelppm start= disabled” (without the quotes), and press Enter.


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