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Compaq PC Recovery.

Posted by kristobaldude on October 9, 2009

Today, my Compaq Presario desktop started getting really slow after loading windows. The funny thing is, it didn’t even give me a login box, but acted like there was no password! When it finally did get into windows, the desktop was mine, but it was extremely slow (15 minutes to open ANY program) and though I could move the mouse, I couldn’t even launch the “Start” menu.

I ran MalwareBytes and it found something (oops, forgot the name), and I had it removed … it was “avirex” or something like that. I googled it and many sites listed it as a virus that displays a white x on a red circle, but I didn’t have that symptom. I chose to remove it anyway to be safe.

Also, I tried running Comodo Antivirus, but It would not even run after launch. (NOTE: It takes a long time to determine if something is not launching at all, is hung launching, or is taking an exorbitant length of time to open)

I ran MSCONFIG, and had to manually reboot the computer several times because it would hang after anything was accomplished! After I was able to get the MSCONFIG changes to be applied, now I was able to open up my start menu, but still had extreme problems launching programs from any method. Also, same problem with lag opening folders.

After about 4 hours, I determined that this PC was essentially hosed and would need a re-image. I was super-thankful that my intuition caused me to back everything up in safe mode last night! 😉

So right now, 38 minutes has elapsed since I started running the Compaq PC Recovery CD, and only 18% has completed. I find that strange, but I do recall it taking a long time the few times I have re-imaged her. By extrapolation, if it takes roughly 45 minutes to complete 20%, that means it will take roughly 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the install. Guess I better find some movies to watch! 😉


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