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Why I Won’t Install Most Facebook Games or Applications

Posted by kristobaldude on October 6, 2009

Facebook Question[Thought I’d post this, as many in my family don’t realize the insidious nature of FACEBOOK GAMES:]

Several people have asked me to join there “Mafia Wars” game play. I’ve signed up for mafia wars for people in the past without actually playing. The problem as I see it is that I would have to agree to let F/B install “Mafia Wars” on my computer, and I don’t allow game applications. F/B games are like multi-level marketing (pyramid schemes), where they get you to sign other people on, and they sign up their friends, etc. and then Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg snoops your personal data and sells that to other marketers to generate revenue. That’s why I won’t install facebook games. Good luck with you wars, though! 🙂

BTW: Check out this link:

It actually shows you the main purposes of social networking, and it doesnt’ take a large leap to figure out how anyone who has access to a network of people can easily become an unwitting spammer!

FYI: This applies to most facebook applications. While I find Facebook useful for communicating with friends, I also find that applications, such as “family tree”, “judge your friends”, “truth box”, “send gifts” etc. intrusive & having behaviour that reminds one of spyware and spam. Again, this is why I will not install apps on facebook. Thank you for understanding and have a great day! 🙂


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