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Death Note: The Darkness of Light …

Posted by kristobaldude on October 6, 2009

Shinobi’s Movie Reviews – Episode # 1 (2009.17.09)

Death Note

death note 3

Wow! Ok. I just got done watching a live action movie called Death Note. It was Japanese w/ Eng sub-titles, but I believe the translations were pretty accurate. Overall, I liked the movie, and it was especially entertaining with the “Reaper” character. In a strange way it seemed almost Shakespearean.


I only have a few criticisms. I have never seen the toon, but I understand that this movie was made years after the anime had already found a following. I’m not about to waste the best years of my life home alone watching anime, (or any addictive TV program for that matter), so I guess I may never know for sure. But, if they have done like so many other long-running cartoon/comic book series that get made into movies, they have tried to cram certain aspects that fans of the series know into the movie, to be true to the spirit of the original anime. Thus, it is no surprise that they did what I am about to say, but it irritates one and stands out as slightly “sloppy” nonethelesss.

I think the transition of Light from a “avenger” who only kills “bad guys” to a hearless bastard who kills anyone he wishes, with no remorse, could have been “developed” much better, as in Charachter development. I mean, this cold sumbitch has his girlfriend murdered simply to make people more sympathetic to him … hello? Munchausen-by-proxy much?

An interesting contrast that I noted is that in the movie, “Light” can usually be seen wearing dark colors, and “L” by the same token wears light colors; (in fact he seems to only wear white shirts!).

Further, I thought it was a bit contrived that Light would just up and kill all FBI agents. And, what if there was a factor that he was unaware of? For instance, what if when he asked the FBI agent to write the names of all involved, the agent would have written for one of the blanks the name of Light’s father, which the agent obviously would have known, since he knew Light’s name and where he lived. Light would then have inadvertently killed his own father! Then what? Would we now see the (real) remorse that was so lacking when his lady-friend was shot?

Finally, I don’t understand the connection between the pop star almost getting murdered at the end, and the assailant dying and then (another?) Death Note dropping. I’ll assume this was some kind of inside “nod” to something that happened in the anime series. But, to the uninitiated, it really makes no sense, and has very little continuity with the story. Are they trying to tell us that Light killed his girlfrined, and one of the benefits is that now he can fuck the pop-star?

Again, overall good movie. Some continuity, transitioning, character development, and clarity issues manifest themselves, but ultimately do not detract from the enjoyment of this flick. I give this 7.5/10 ninja stars.


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